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Cherry Lane Capital is an investment holding company with long-term, committed capital focused on investing in partnership with owner-entrepreneurs, families and management teams.  Our mission is to be the partner of choice for those looking to sell businesses, acquire businesses, grow existing businesses and/or manage business transitions. Cherry Lane is a solution for the capital needs of entrepreneur-led, family and emerging companies, providing expertise and capital in a size that is unique among existing debt and equity capital sources.

Cherry Lane is opportunistic in terms of sectors and opportunities focusing on:

  • Entrepreneurs and closely-held company management teams looking to grow and develop their businesses with long-term oriented equity

  • Family businesses looking to grow, develop and transition their businesses through generational transfers, business challenges and other situations (such as splits, spin-offs, divestitures, MBOs, restructurings and partial monetization alternatives) while potentially maintaining family participation and economics

  • Management teams and industry experts looking to acquire new businesses or execute broad growth strategies

Cherry Lane is funded with committed capital oriented towards long-term opportunities that require a longer-term horizon than is typical of more traditional private equity firms and funds. We focus primarily on smaller businesses with up to $5mm of cash flow, although we can, and will, look at larger businesses where appropriate.

Cherry Lane believes that our flexible mandate and ability to evaluate a variety of structures and deals is unique in the market and makes the firm an ideal partner for businesses for several reasons:

  • A focus on long-term value creation. Because there is no fund with forced wind-ups or medium term horizons and no pressure to realize gains to post returns for fundraising, Cherry Lane can focus on building durable, long-term value and doing what is in the best long-term interests of the business (and shareholders) as opposed to building a business for sale from day one

  • A partnership mentality. Because there is no pressure to put capital to work, we can be patient and find good partners and good opportunities. Further, potential partners work directly with the founder and managing partner, ensuring alignment of interests, quick decision making and guaranteed capital availability

While Cherry Lane does not typically serve in managerial roles, we do function as value-added advisors and are focused on being highly involved board members to develop and grow the business through transitions, challenges and inflection points. Cherry Lane has the ability to provide substantial, value-add directly from the firm’s principals and a network of advisors who have organizational expertise, judgment, experience and an ability to drive operational efficiencies.

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